Pet Duffy's Back and back legs go crazy.

Duffy is 12 1/2 years old and when I pet his back....half way down along his spine, his back legs start swaying and scratching himself uncontrollably. I don't do much of it as I am sure its a nerve that has become more acute with his age and probably annoying to him.

I am of course aware of his longevity and worried about the function of his back legs, in general. He still goes up and down stairs but most times he barks as he wants help. LOL

Any thoughts and tips above?

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I've had two bulldogs that do this...

both younger than 12 1/2!  I think it's like touching a tickelish spot and their skin starts to "crawl" and the try to itch.  Newman does the back legs going down thing too.  

My 11 year old bullie does

My 11 year old bullie does the same thing. And I can relate to what you're going through having an "elderly" bullie. It's tough not to worry about them a bit every day. My boy does have some allergies that affect his skin a bit. I've always suspected that the leg thumping may be related to that. Benadryl works wonders for him. Like you said, at the ripe old age, I also just avoid scratching him where it seems to be ticklish. You can always find somewhere else to scratch that they'll enjoy more!


What is Benedryl used for?  Is it a cream or a pill?  How is it applied?