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I'm really worried about Violet. Lately she's been regurgitating her food almost each time she eats. I used to chalk it up to her fast eating, but now I feed her by hand (terrible, I know) and she still does it. Occasionally, she will do it while chewing her bone because it will make her gag. It is definitely regurgitation, not vomiting. The good thing is that she does eat, in fact maybe she's a little chunky. I have suspected that she has an elongated palate....and at this point I'm hoping that's all that it is. She is a somewhat of a loud breather, but not always. She gets winded very easily and when she has actually vomited in the past, she "vomit drops". I'm really worried about megaesophagus....is this common in Bulldogs? She's 3, so if so, it would be congenital. I'm taking her to the vet this evening, but I'm completely freaking out in the meantime and trying to make it through this work day! Any input?
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"would NOT be conginital"

...is what I meant to say there

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We went through this with Chester...

He was never a noisy breather, but he didn't have a lot of energy.  He started urping every time he took a drink and then at every meal.  We had the surgery done and he's 100% better, no more urping up food or water and he has a lot more energy.  I would definitely have them check the palate, the recovery isn't too bad, he just had to eat wet food for a couple of weeks.

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not sure about cogenital but

not sure about cogenital but almost always bullies have
elongated palates b/c they are brachycephalics...
archie had started to regurgitate his food also and was
going to go in and get checked and get probably get operated for a brachycephalic repair
but...he naver madse it passed first day of his neutering...
anyway i'd have it checked out sweetie apparently a good bully vet can do wonders w/that
smoochies the scrunchy face

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ugh...well there goes my

ugh...well there goes my ability to spell today!

mine had that problem and all gone now

Mine was also 3yrs old when he started regurgitating like you said, nothing would go down and I took him to 4 local vets, we did all the tests, xrays, ultrasound since they suspect he swallow something. I took him to UC davis vet and they did a barium xray and said the valve wasn't closing completely so his stomach acid was shooting up to his esophagus and thus causing regurgitation. They also said he had a long palate and so he got the surgery to remove it along with the sacules(sp?)in his throat and was put on prilosec and carafate to coat his esophagus and then just monitor his condition. After the surgery he regurgitated a few times, but not as bad as before and he was on this medication for about a year and he hasn't regurgitated ever since. He doesn't snore as loud as before too(I miss that noise of course). Ask to do the barium xray and then do the surgery if an elongated palate is susupected when the vet does the endoscopy. I scheduled the endoscopy and surgery the same day so he doesn't have to be put under anesthesia twice.

Vet said that if the surgery didn't work, he would have to undergo major surgery to correct the valve opening, but I'm glad it all worked out. This needs to be treated because if she keeps regurgitating her espophagus will be badly inflamed due to the stomache acid.