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Non Stop water drinking

I rescued a bulldog that was on his way to the pound... I have noticed that he drinks water non stop, and large amounts of water. When I take it away from him he cries. I got him to eat last night because I put boiled chicken in his food. Yesterday and today he threw up, and the majority of it was water. When he sleeps and when he is relaxed he shakes like crazy. I took him to the vet for a check up and they did a diabetes test on him and it came back normal. Any advice, or has anyone experienced this?


could be epilepsy or another type of siezure. does he foam at the mouth at all. siezures can make them crazy thursty! could be the reson why his owner wa giving him up. they will start with a blood test to test liver function but worst case scenario, and mri of his brain to know if there is a tumor..



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check for cushings....just a thought

Drinking excessive amounts of water is one sign

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I had a rescue that also drank huge amounts of water

I was very concerned at first but I realized that she was not used to having a constant supply of water. After a few weeks, she settled in at my home and her water intake was normal.