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No poison dog care

While not seeking approval, I would be interested in guidance if I'm off course

I feed raw and don't give my dogs flea and tick drops, and no Heartworm meds.

And at the blood draw yesterday, they are HW negative.

No fleas 

And I use DE to worm them, not that they have any, but once a year or so.

Anal glands good

Both need to lose some weight

I do believe in vaccines and they got all them yesterday.



Mean people still suck

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So I'm curious

why vaccines when you don't believe in the other poisons? Have you done much reading on Dr. Jean Dodd protocol for vaccines?

I will do vaccines every three years until they are seniors (age 6), then no more vaccines. Rabies if I have to go into Canada, unfortunately it is now the law in WA.

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The laws

Bacause of Parvo...

And because of the laws I wouldn't if I thought it was best for the dog.

Also the Rabies and other shots haven't ever seemed to upset them or make the sick like the flea meds.

I am going to read Dr. Dodds article later this evening.



Mean people still suck

Like Deb, I discontinue vaccinations

when my dogs reach a certain age. If Parvo is your main concern, ask you vet to vaccinate for only that instead of giving the cocktail.


Lynn King CPDT-KA