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my friends bully won't open his mouth, seems depressed...

dear all,

i  am writing for my friend who has a 3yr old bully male named zeus.  he is a big sweetie pie but tonite they noticed something wrong. he was outside as usual and he wouldn't come back in for dinner.  they noticed that he wouldn't open his mouth, not even for food or a treat. they finally got him back inside and he wouldnt play with the kids as he usually would. he just seemed like he wanted to be left alone. they can usually pry open his mouth with no issues but it appears "locked"... they are bringing him to the vet first thing in the morning. he doesnt appear swollen r anything anywhere. has anyone ever dealt with a locked jaw before? maybe something bit or stung him in the mouth, i don't know... thanks for any helpa si ncerely, christine


sincerely, christine

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Masticatory Myositis

I believe it's treated with prednisone.

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thank you! I am waiting for an update....

and will let you know!


sincerely, christine