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Mometamax ear drops?

Jasper has a raging yeast infection in one ear, today the vet perscribed Mometamax. I came home and researched in online, appartently deafness is a side effect, especially in older dogs. ( Jasper is 7) Now I'm not so sure if I should give it to him. He has never been on it before, usually his ears are pretty good. Any thoughts? Thanks.




I don't know anything about the

product that you mentioned, but there is a product called Zymox that many of us have used with wonderful success. I used the hydrocortisone free solution when Kofi had hers. I got mine online, be sure to get the cortisone free one if you decide to try.


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My guys have been on it...

with no problems.  I think it's a substitute for Otomax which is no longer manufactured.

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I'll go ahead and start it. I'm an over protective mom, I know!




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didn't work for us

Matilda gets the occasional ear infection. The first one we treated with Synovic (sp?) and another drop which was very watery and worked very well. The second one which was recent they gave us Mometamax which did not work at all. Like...I mean nothing.

So they tried Zymox. It worked very well. There are two versions, and one you can use for maintenance of clean ears (the cortisone free one).