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A little blood sometimes after pooing?

Hi, 9 yr old Kibby has been recently having a little bit of faint blood when I wipe her tooshy hole after she poos.  I use hypoallergenic baby wipes. I have checked to see if she has a cut or anything down there, but all looks normal. It's very little blood and and reddish not dark colored at all. It's been happening maybe once or twice a week now for the past few weeks... Its very faint, like maybe most people wouldnt notice its even blood without holding up the wipe to see the color of the "smear" after i wipe.  Poos do not appear to be covered in blood or anything like that.  Poos look normal , food hasn't changed at all, she is not straining and she is acting totally normal. Is this an age thing? Or maybe is her food too rough on her now that she is older? She eats half a cup of California senior chicken and rice, w/ tablespoon wet, usually wellness 95%... 4 times a day ( she has bile issues if her tummy is empty!) 

I have tried giving her chicken and rice for a while and it seems to not matter... Vet time? Worms? Toy stuck up there? Anybody else have this? Thanks!


sincerely, christine

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Dread has this issue

every once in a while.  We took him into the vet and it turned out he had doggie hemorrhoids.  It wasn't a big deal, but I would probably take him in just to make sure. 


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Well, since it's been weeks...

I think I'd take her in just to be sure. My girl had it every so often too, but it was always just a little tear or scrape. That's probably what it is - or hemeroids - but best to be sure.

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Yes, it could just be a fissure or something similar but...

I would check it out to be sure if it keeps happening.

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Thank ou!

No blood lately, but vet time next Friday anyways... Her sister copper is getting a teeth cleaning! It's national dental month so it's like 50% off! 


sincerely, christine