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Kennel Cough - need info

Hi everyone - wondering if you guys can help me figure out what is going on w/my newest foster girl.

I'll have had her two weeks as of tomorrow - she was found in the middle of a busy road in a major city here in Michigan - no owners have come forward and we're assuming she was abandonded.  So - we have zero info on her....she's clearly had pups previously.

Her breathing isn't the greatest - she needs to have her nares done and when I took her to my bulldog vet he also said she had tonsilitis, along w/the usual rescue ear and tail infections.  She was put on an antibiotic and zyrtec - he said he thought some of her nasal discharge was allergy related.

For the first 5 days after starting the antibiotic and zyrtec she seemed to get better - have less nasal discharge.  Then she started to get worse again.  She started reverse sneezing and coughing and hacking.  After seeing the trend was not heading in the right direction i contacted my vet again.  He told me to give her 1 t of Robitussin DM for her cough.

I gotta say, Robitussin is a miracle drug - I gave her that through the weekend and didn't give her any before bed sunday night - i wanted to see if she still needed it, well - Monday morning she was coughing and hacking and a mess, so I started giving it to her again.

Listening to her, I am wondering if this is kennel cough - if she came down w/it in the days after going to the vet.  She is still on her antibiotic until this Saturday - just wondering if any of you have experience w/any of this.  Do they cough constantly?  Without the robitussin she coughs and hacks a lot.  We had wanted to have her surgeries done next week for her nares, rectal polyp and possible spay and i'm not sure that's a good idea - i'll discuss this w/the vet (of course).

Just looking for feedback from all of you - thanks!

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They do cough constantly...

Unless they are medicated. My guys had it when we brought home a rescue. She had no signs of it until almost a week after we got her. I think the incubation is about ten days.  And it can last for two weeks. I walk dogs at a local shelter and they all have kennel cough when they get there and they recover in two weeks or so.  Cough meds help, antibiotics will prevent secondary infections. Is she keeps coughing tho, I would maybe want a chest X-ray.  

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Thanks a bunch Kathy.  We're

Thanks a bunch Kathy.  We're going to hold off on scheduling her surgeries at this time. 

Bummer tho - I just want her to get better, so she can play and do the things she really wants to do. :)

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Both my girls caught kennel

Both my girls caught kennel cough during a boarding visit with a kennel I have used for years. It took nearly 2 weeks before it was totally gone. They sounded like 2 geese in my home. Good luck.