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Inflammatory bowel disease/syndrome


Some of you may have seen that I've posted several times over the last few months about Molly having sudden bouts of diarrhea.  It happened once a month for the past 5 months, the most recent being this past weekend. The vet suggested we go ahead with additional testing (she had a blood panel done last month and it was all normal) and she had an ultrasound done today.  I just picked her up and he said that basically it confirmed that she has inflammation in her digestive tract. They put her on a course of metronidazole and baytril and she is restricted to her diet which is currently Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato. She also gets probiotics and enzymes in her food.  Basically he said that it is trial and error with food and they try to control it with diet before taking any steps such as steroids or on going low dose antibiotics.  I'm relieved to know there is some answer but also sad that there is in fact something wrong with her and there's no absolute cure. 

Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice? I hope we get this under control quickly and it doesn't affect her life span or quality of life. Throughout all the dirrhea, she is always still energetic, playful and always has an appetitie.  She never seems sick or in any pain, so I'm hoping she isn't suffering! 


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This sounds similar to Ollie's colitis...

He gets bouts of diarrhea , sometimes bloody. Our vet gives us metronadozole (flagyl) to keep on hand and we get h on it at the first sign. He said we could keep him on a low dose daily if it becomes necessary. We feed him natural balance duck potato. We can usually relate it to some kind of stress and he's kind of high strung anyway. 

We have a bullmasiff

that has the same thing going on with her... every test was done and they found nothing wrong - every kind of med was given, food was also changed to venison. The last thing they gave her was tylan power (and that seemed to work) It's been 3 years now and she's been fine... The vet thinks she might have been in shock, we got her a 10 months old, a week later she went into heat - then all the fun stuff for about 4 months... But like I said the Tylan powder did the trick....
Last summer she lost her buddy, our bulldog Tank, she was crying and moaning for a while, wanted to sleep upstairs with us all the time... so 2 months later we got a bulldog Pup for her and she's fine (then 6 months later got another bulldog pup) so she is pretty busy with them all the time... and Happy!!!

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Our puppy has occasional

Our puppy has occasional bouts of diarrhea and I got probiotic paste from natures farmacy and it seems to keep it in check.