Going to be a long night...Just dropped Sadie off at emergency

vet.  She has an abscessed anal gland that needs lanced, flushed, and drained.  She is in good hands, but always concerned with anesthesia and her age 12 1/2.  I'll get to pick her up later this everning/ early morning.  This kind of stuff always happens when the vets are closed or on a weekend.


Ouch, poor ole gal

she'll be fine but there's nothing that is going to make you stress any less.

Hugs to the patient.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Poor old girl:-(

Sorry she is going through this....many hugs to her from Sophie and I.


Amy and Sophia

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poor thing...i'm sure all

poor thing...i'm sure all will go well...don't worry sweetie,(((hugs)))

smoochies the scrunchy face

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I hope Sadie had a good night

Please let us know how she's doing when you can.  Poor little lady! 


Monica, Maude and Gus

Update...We picked her up at 12:30 this morning. She was happy

to see us and really happy to leave the vets.  Slept good, got up at 6 ate, did her business, and then she went back to bed.  They gave us several pain meds, but not sure if she is going to need it.  She is such a trooper my "old gal".


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yayyyy!!! that's wonderful

yayyyy!!! that's wonderful news!!!

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Good to hear

Glad for you all.



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