food for reoccurring yeast problems

My bully Gus will be 2 in May.  He has been having reoccurring yeast and staph infections.  They clear up after a cycle of antibotics and medicated shampoo.  I'm wondering if his food is contributing to this.  I am currently feeding him Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Venison and Sweet Potato.  I'm looking for suggestions for a high quality food to try. 

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I think that Natural Balance is a good food...

we feed our guys the salmon and also the duck.  It is grain free which is good and we've never had a problem with it.  Do you use filtered water?  

Yes.  All of his water comes

Yes.  All of his water comes out of a Brita pitcher

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I've heard that Potato can caouse yeast

You might try a food without potato and see if that helps.