Excessive licking

My 7 year old male constantly licks.. He licks his sister to the point she has to walk away or else she finally snaps at him.  He licks people any possible time he can.  He licks his paw excessively. He even licks the air constantly. This has been going on for months and it never gets better.  I have corrected him over and over, nothing helps.  Any ideas why he does this and also how to stop it???

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Have you cleaned his ears, tail pocket, etc?

Have you checked his gums and teeth to make sure nothing is stuck in there? Licking can be a sign or either pain or itching. I would start with ears and tail pocket and go from there.


Amy and Sophia

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Mine have licked the air

Mine have licked the air and/or humped the air when it was time for a tail pocket cleaning.

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Meaty also licks the air a lot when his tail pocket needs

cleaning.  His pocket is deep, and he is VERY happy when we clean it!  This is a blessing, because other

things like cleaning his ears and baths are verrrrry difficult and takes all of our strength to hold him! 


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