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Entropian Surgery Advice

My vet says Chester needs Entropian surgery in his left eye. On momday i will get a second opinion about his condition. What woul you recommend to ask the vet??
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Is your second opinion with an opthamologist?

We had one years ago with entropian, our vet did the surgery and it turned out fine.  We had to put ointment on his eyes for a few days and they wrapped his back feet in ace bandages so he couldn't scratch the eyes.

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make sure it is entropian and not distichia.  They often get confused but are completely different.  Is Chester getting ulcers?  Is he blinking, winking, squinting?  If so that is a sign of either problem.  Entropian is where the eye lid rolls inward causing the hair to rub on the eyeball.  Distichia is where eyelashes grow on the inside of the eye lid.  Entropian surgery is like a face life...they will make a small incision take out a little skin and suture.  He should wear a cone for 10 days to make sure he is healed and does not pull out any sutures.  You can wrap the feet but that doesn't keep him from rubbing his eye on everything.  If it is Distichia they will laser the stray eyelashes, which kills the folical, this typically has to be done more then once.

I would hesitate to do surgery unless you are having the typical symptoms.  Most bullsdogs have a mild case of Entropian.  But if you are having problems and discomfort to his eye then surgery is necessary. 

Keep us posted.