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can you put brown listerine in a dogs ears


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I had a guy tell me this at the vets once (not an employee of

the place), but it sounded a little kooky to me.


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What I think

I use it on wrinkles, 50/50 with distilled water out of a bottle like from the store.  I mix some up to use to wipe their faces sometimes...not like 3 or 4 times a day but once or twice a week.  I does seem to kill red yeast. I also use in on feet, between the toes.  But inside the ear I use Epi-Otic to clean

I use a q-tip to gently remove any red stuff , I have one dog with an ear that I have to watch closer than the other three ears, I'll wipe gently with a kleenx on my finger if it's wet and I then use Animax...or Mometamax both come from the vet.

But, I'm not saying to not use it in ears, but I use these other things. Maybe someone else will know better.



Mean people still suck

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I would not

I have know others to use homemade concoctions for ear washes, but not with Listerine.
I personally use EpiOtic as a cleaner or Zymox if there is some yeast that needs to be cleared up.