Drinking a lot of Water

My new Bully Baxter is 8 weeks old and he is drinking a lot of water is that normal or should I take him to the vet for a checkup?

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drink lots of water, it is normal.  You may need to restrict it some if he is drinking too much at one time. But they should have free water.  One reason potty training is a little tuff.  Lots of trips outside to potty, they can't hold it for long.  You can restrict at night, to help the training.  Crate a 11:00pm, set your alarm for about 1:00am, take out to potty...then right back to bed (no playing).  Then up again about 5:00am for another potty break.  More often during the day about every 1 - 2 hours for an 8 wk old, when they wake up, mid playing, immediately after they eat.

Have fun.

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The foog

Well, the puppy is on a kibble type dog food soaked in water to soften it, right?  Or not soaked....I guess.....But bag dog food takes a lot of water to digest cause it's dehydrated.  I'm not sure how much water, But they do drink a lot on kibble. Still listen to the others as I'm no expert.....



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