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So Molly came down with diarrhea Saturday night and had to go out every 2 hours until 8am! I tried treating it at home for 24 hours but after two sleepless nights and no real change, she was off to the vet this morning.  He gave her 2 medicines-Endosorb and Metronidazole.  She's taken Metronidazole before for diarrhea and if I remember correctly, she didn't go to the bathroom for a couple of days on it.  Is this right? I just want to know what to expect so I don't freak out if she doesn't poop for awhile! Any have experience with these medicines? Thanks! 


I think the medications

kill bacteria so effectively that good bacteria gets killed off also. We have given metronidazole to our dogs a couple of times and yes, it has taken a few days for them to return to a completely normal routine. Hope Molly feels better soon.


Lynn King CPDT-KA