cracked paw?

We noticed Oliver was limping two days ago.  Not a constant limp but it looked like his leg would give out a bit every couple of steps.  He ran around fine when we were playing on the beach but as soon as he got to some mulch he was really ginger and started to limp again.  We were so worried he might have tore something but looking at his paws he has a small spot that looks cracked.  When we touch it he pulls back and winces with pain.  Its such a small thing though, its hard for me to imagine that its causing him this much pain because he never complains about anything but I've never dealt with it before so dont have a point of reference.  Has anyone had experience with this?  what type of treatment did you do?  thanks.

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I am sure there are better things to use

but we use regular old bag balm or vaseline on Onslows feet and nose.  Just thought I'd mention it since no one else has responded. 


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No experience with cracked paws....

But I know some people have used Bag Balm or Vaseline to help soften and heal the pads.  I would imagine that you'll have to cover the pad with a little sock of some sort until the Balm is absorbed.  Good luck with this -- I hope Oliver feels better very soon!


Monica, Maude and Gus

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Liquid Band Aid

Clean the wound well, dry and apply liquid band aid. 

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have you soaked his paw?

I wonder if there isn't something "stuck" in there that's causing him pain?  I think a couple minute soak in warm water and epsom salt might help "draw out" a spliter, if that's the problem.  Otherwise I think the other response are probably spot on for "treatment."

Fair warning...bag balm causes some serious stink bombs (at least with Winston b/c he licks some of it and apparently his tummy doesn't like it).

If it lasts for much longer I think it might be prudent to take him to your vet where they can look at it under magnification.


Shannon and Winston :)

My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

Thanks for all the advice.

Thanks for all the advice.  we have been soaking his paws daily in epson salt bath and started applying the bag balm yesterday.  It seems to not be bothering him as much anymore, he is running around without that ginger gait but still licks at his paw when hes lying around at home.  I think a coupld more days and he should hopefully be good as new.

Paw Issues

Casey sometimes has that happen when we take her to the beach or go out on the snow.  I use the neosporin kids foaming wash that is not supposed to sting on her paws and then put generous amounts of neosporin on her paws when they are cut but only at night so she doesn't lick themduring the day.  I know this is an older post but if it ever happens again this should work well.