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Cleaning tail pockets

Hello, We rescued an english bulldog about a month ago. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH. His name is PorkChop or THE CHOP for short :-)

He has a very tight pocket tail and my fat fingers arent able to get in very well. Our last bulldog had tail pockets too and I was able to maintain them as my fingers fit.

Has anyone found another tool to use to clean out tight pockets when fingers dont work? I tried a Q-tip but they bend too easily.

Thanks much!


Jllian and PorkChop and our beloved BullyAngel Rex <3

Dooley has a tight tail pocket. I use cotton buds and I get

them from www.calvetsupply. com.  They are a 6" bamboo stick with a 1 1/2" cotton tip.  They work great and are really cheap.


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I ordered some, they look like they will work on PorkChop's button :-)


Jllian and PorkChop and our beloved BullyAngel Rex <3

As a workaround -  try

As a workaround -  try wrapping some bulk first aid cotton around a common pencil...unsharpened of course ;)
Works well for me