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OK, so I think the ringworm is chronic.  James first got it back in April, went thru a rounc of topical treatment and it went away....for a while.  It then came back.  Again, and again and again.  Its driving us nuts.  Any suggestions? Anyone experienced this before?


Silverback's Immaculate Interception, "James"

We went through this with 2 shelter kittens we brought home.

One got it then the other.  The vet did a culture that took 10 days...confirmed ringworm.  She prescribed griseofulvin.  The medication was more expensive from the vet so we went to a regular pharmacy.  The medication was still expensive, but they offered a pet discount.  Overall treatment per cat was almost 8 wks. 


Ringworm is very contagious

could he be getting it from other dogs? Everything he touches or comes in contact with, even his collar,  has to be washed or sanitized several times even after you are sure he has been cleared. They can pick it up from outside.

We had a rescue here that was covered with ringworm. I've never done so much laundry in my life. Her bedding was washed everyday and anything else she came in contact with was washed down. It cleared up pretty quickly with no relapse.

Good luck, I know these things can be very frustrating.


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Take a look at my post on the fungal infection story for some potential nasty side effects with the common fungal oral med Ketoconazole.  Apparently it doesn't happen with all dogs that take it.  But my boy has never had side effects from meds before until this one.  Not saying dont use if it's prescribed, just stop if your dog shows signs of extreme lethargy or lack of appetite.