Bullie with Diabetes

Our 8 year old normal weight female was just diagnosed with Diabetes. After a week on insulin and checking her blood sugars I know this is going to be a challenge to get her regulated. Our bulldog vet with who has seen 2000+ bulldogs says this is the first case he has seen. Our breeder with 20+ experience also says this is the first case she has seen. Vet ruled out other primary causes of diabetes (Cushing's) but I cannot help wonder if this is so rare could there be something else causing it (viral, autoimmune, metabolic). Does anyone have any experience with this?

Kathy Chester Newman and Jessa's picture

I've never had a bulldog with diabetes but...

our lhasa apso had it at age 14 and my son's lab also was diabetic.  We had to give him insulin shots daily, and except for the excessive peeing when it first started, he was a pretty happy guy.