Hi I have a 7month old female bulldog called Georgia and would like some advise from other bulldog owners what the best food to give her . We started her on Hills as per vets recommendation but switched to a natural diet Blue but this gave her runny poo. We are now oin the process of changing her to Royal Canine puppy as cannot give her the bulldog specific food until she is 1 year old .  Also any suggestions on treats she currently likes carrots and apple. 

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Natural Balance is great

I got Rocco on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Fish and Sweet Potatoe and he loves it, he was allergic to the Royal Canine Bulldog specific, everyone here will recommend a grain free food and i think i remember it being fine to put the pup on an adult food but dont quote me on that


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Thankyou for the quick

Thankyou for the quick response juts bought another bag of Royal Canine so may think about taking it back and changing it .

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I suggest a grain free food

There's several on the market. I am currently using Taste of the wild lamb.

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mine is on natural balance

but perhaps too many food changes is causing tummy upset. Do not keep a bulldog on puppy food. Too much weight gain too fast. It is better for the growth of joints to change to adult after 4-6 months. Enjoy your puppy.

BTW, no one food is the best for every bulldog. The requirements for bulldogs vary from one to the next. Make sure it is high quality though.

Have fun with your baby.


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We use Natural Balance also

We use the Duck & Potato. 

Grain Free Here

Beefy has been on grain free since he came off puppy food - we use TOTW Wetlands formula mixed with Merrick canned entree's like Grammys Pot Pie or Turducken.  We've had great success with the Old Mother Hubbard biscuits, grain free as well.  I swear he eats better than I do!


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I feed My Perfect Pet

I have tried just about everything and have found My Perfect Pet to be the best choice that Sally can actually keep down. She regurgitated everything every day each morning. She is 1 yr old and wakes up very phlegmy each morning.


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