best food for puppies

after much debate in my asking all of you which is the best puppy food for puppies??

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I would start with a grain free adult food.

I never feed my bully puppies puppy food. It is too rich for them. I start them off on a solid adult food, like Taste of the Wild or Natural Balance.


Amy and Sophia

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I fed Sisy Royal Canin Puppy...

Per the breeder recommendation. He's both a vet and breeder of bulldogs and recommended Royal Canin Puppy and to allow Sisy to eat all she wanted until 1 year of age.  Until month 4 or 5 she gained weight normally but her coat started to shed and look dull.  I researched for a better food and decided to give her Orijen Puppy until 1 year of age with great resutls: steady weight gain (mainly muscle), great coat, lots of energy and perfect digestion.  At 1 year she went for her physical to the vet and he was amazed on how good she looked. 


Then I switched to Orijen 6-fish also with great results to date.  This food will give you a sticker shock ($) but it will prove cheaper on the long run with fewer visits to the vet with gastric/coat/skin issues.  

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Forgot to mention...

Sisy gets a daily 1 hour brisk walk rain or shine...that helps to keep her in top condition and build/maintain muscle mass.