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Anyone know a good vet in Metro Detroit Area!?

My husband and I just moved from Ohio, where we had the BEST bulldog specialty vet office in the world and we would prefer to find a vet here that deals specifically or specially with bulldogs!  So far we've been unlucky so I thought I would check and see if anyone on here has by any chance known a vet around here!  Crossing my fingers :)


- Hank and Mom

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Good Vet

On the front page, all the way on the left hand side of the page is a link for vets well known and trusted by folks on this board. I checked Michigan and there appears to be a of bully vets for you to check out.


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A bit of a drive but well worth it. Family Friends in Lansing

If you decide to go there request Dr. Carpenter.  He owns the practice, specializes in bulldogs and is fabulous!  We drive 2 hrs to see him and have for over 15 years.  Has a facebook page and website




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I live in Lansing...

and drive just  20 minutes to Charlotte to Town & Country Animal Hospital so my boys can be seen by Dr. Miranda Bauer. She specializes in bullies but sees other breeds as well. Town & Country is also on the vet recommendation link on the front page of this site. Her prices are really reasonable also.

My boys love to go in and see Dr. Bauer and everyone else there, they get so spoiled!!!


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Michigan has two well known

Michigan has two well known bullie vets - Dr. Wilson of Wilson Veterinary Hospital in Washington, MI 586.752.6217.  Dr Wilson is who Detroit Bulldog Rescue primarily uses.  They are open 7 days a week and have a staffed 24 hour emergency center.

I live in the middle of the state and use the other well-know bullie vet, Dr. Carpenter of Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids.  Their contact info is above.  I LOVE Dr. C - he is incredible and very patient and friendly, PLUS he holds a "bullie" event every year and its so much fun!  However, he does not have a 24 hour staffed emergency center and I did have an emergency w/a foster from DBR and it was a critical situation and we ended up driving to Dr. Wilson.

I also know that Michigan State University's Veterinary hospital in Lansing can handle any emergency and they also have a staffed 24 hour facility - that is my emergency location as I live in the very middle of the state and Dr. Carpenter is 1.75 min drive, Dr. Wilson is 2.5 hour drive and Lansing is a 1 hour drive.

Good luck and welcome to Michigan!!!!