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Allergies gone wild

Rebel's allergies are off the chain! His poor paws are red and raw and it is a contant battle to get him not to lick. He has had allergies for quite a while and haven't had a flare up like this in a long time.

He is on zytrec daily and bendadyl twice a day. Spraying his paws with a relief spray frequently. Normally, we would give him a steroid burst, but we can't with his current cancer medications.

We have had him RAST tested, so we know he is very allergic to basically Florida (where we live). At that time he wasn't allergic to any food, although I know those can develop over time. He is currently eating only canned food--blue wilderness stews and purees. He won't eat kibble anymore and hey, he has a cancer card so we pretty much cater to him (even more than ever). Some days we have to entice him to eat, as his appetite with the cancer hasn't been great.

Anything I'm missing??? Any suggestions? It is almost to the point where I am going to consider taking a "holiday" from his cancer meds to give him a steroid burst.


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Poor baby...

We have a lot of allergies here in Phoenix also, grasses being the worst.  It looks like your food is grain free which is good.  Our vet gave us a prescription antihistamine for Newman which helps a lot, it's a little stronger than over the counter.  The name has worn off the bottle by now, but it starts with a C if that's any help.  We used Temeril P for him for a while, but it does have a small dose of prednisone in it.  There are also sprays that the vet can give you that will help with foot itching.  

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Thanks. We have a good relief spray for the vet, but I'm going to call about a different antihistamine. I think Rebel has had cyproheptatidine or something in the past. We did a good oatmeal bath two days ago that seemed to really help. I think some of it is OCD like--after the bath I put socks on his feet. That seemed to break his licking cycle and he has been better. Hopefully we are moving past allergy season...

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My white male bully Mason Dixon suffered unbelievably with allergies.
I mean SUFFERED!!! Bleeding paws and all. Its been 2 years now and he is 100% better. Here is what we do. I make his food weekly.
He eats Royal Canin Hypoallerginec Rabbit and Potato. I add fresh green beans, chopped apples organic canned pumpkin, mung beans for added protien and sometimes oatmeal. H e also gets a half pill of prednisone in the morning. This has changed Masons life!!! I also bathe him in a special prescription shampoo. Hope this helps.