Allergies and itching

Hello everyone:

I am new to the group, found this site seeking info regarding our situation.  I have a 6-yr old Bully; Sarge, who has developed allergies.  We have had him tested and know the things he is allergic to.  Some we can avoid, but the yard grass, is a little difficult avoiding.  Poor boy will lick his feet and scratch the side of his head (creating sores) forever; when he is itching.

We have:

1.  Tried injections, but he only got worse.

2. We give him Prednisone 20 mg, but not often.  Hate giving him this, due to long-tern side affects.

3. He gets two Hydroxyzine 50 mg, in the morning and two around dinner time, 5pm.

4. We have a spray can of something, ???, and that helps a little, until he decides to lick it off.

5. His food is a Hypoallergenic, Hydrolyzed Protein by Royal Canin, recomended and sold by my Vet.

6.  He is best, after his weekly baths, with special medicated shampoo, costing like $39 for 16 oz. bottle.

I'm not sure my Vet is that knowledgable of this Allergy business and Bulldogs.  Through my recent research, I have located a Vet, who reportedly is very experienced with Bulldogs.  We intend to see him next week I hope.

Anyway, I cannot stand to think how badly he may feel at times itchiing and being unable to resolve the itch.  I rub and scratch him a lot, until I have to stop.  I am hoping someone has expereinced this same problem and may have "the solution."  I would be some happy to resolve his itching.  Any imput will be greatly appreciated.  We live in Parrish, Fl, in Manatee County, FL;  east of Bradenton.

Thanks again for any thoughts.

Steven R. Cooley and Sarge




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Allergies & Welcome to BDW

Kilmore had the same issues with allergies.  He did the allergy test to find out what he was allergic to, then the shots.  After two years of not really noticing any change we took him off the allergy shots.  We did have him at a Dermatologist due to his ears, and they said if after two years of shots and not noticing a difference then take him off that.  They did mention that there is a allergy shot in the form of a liquid that you squirt in your dogs mouth.  They said sometimes if your dog doesn't respond to the shot that they sometimes respond to this.  I can't say if the liquid works or not.  Also if it's seasonal than you could try Benadryl or Zrytec.  I would check with your vet for the dosage recommend for Sarge.  Hope you find something that helps Sarge with the allergies.



I dont have the experience to suggest anything right now, but I would be interested to see what the Bulldog vet says about the Royal Canin food, the general opinion here, and other Bulldog forums is not very favorable for RC.

Welcome to the forum, and we would love to hear more about Sarge and see some pics!~


Loves and Smooches, Kippa and Mama (Annette)


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Welcome to BDW...

Royal Canin food is awful and the hypoallergenic is awful too.  The first thing to do is get him on a good grain-free food such as salmon/sweet potato, some of the worst allergies are to the corn, wheat and fillers that they put in crappy foods.  We had a boy that was allergic to grass and every March and April while it was germinating, he would be a bloody mess.  (we live in Phoenix, so our spring is a little early).  We used Tavist for a while and when that stopped working switched to benedryl every 8 hours.  When he was really bad, the vet would give us Temeril P which has a very small dose of Pred in it, that seemed to help him a lot.  Just be sure to not get anything with a D behind the name, decongestants are really bad for our guys.

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royal canine is awful?!!!

royal canine is awful?!!! really??!!

glad i naver gave it to him...but i sure almost fell for the commercial

and packaging-i'm such a sucker...for food i was told nothing w/grain

or corn...


Trust me, my husband and I did the same thing. Tank as been on it for over a year, and we couldn't figure out why we where have so many issues with tear stains, dry skin, and weight gain. I didn't mind paying $60 a bag for something we thought was topline. However, after a few discussion on here, we've switched him to Taste of the Wild. MUCH BETTER. Tear stains are clearing up, and no more dry itchy skin. (Weight gain will take a while to see, couple with the fact we got him fixed.) For Tank's allergies, we give him 2- 25mg Bynadrel twice a day when needed.


We wish you the best of luck!!


Wouldn't know that he just got a brandnew $60 bed! My forever puppy Tank.

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hello and archie

hello and archie had allergies too,altough not severe he did have runny eyes,nose

and the all famous itching under the paws...i tried the kids benadryl worked for sure but make sure

it's ok'd from the vert...i was told too much will cause dry mouth and he might become irritable...

good luck and yes pls take pics!


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Welcome to the board

did he have the allergy testing done? 

Mine has a terrible time too but we believe its seasonal grass also.

A Hepa Air Filter in the house helps him.  Wipe his feet down after he comes inside.

Cleaning the floors - we switched to all natural cleaners.  White vinegar/water.

Hydroxyzine is the same as zyrtec pretty much.  We have our boy on one 10 mg zyrtec (NOT DECONGESTANT JUST REGULAR ZYRTEC) twice a day.

Hope you can get relief!


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Hello and welcome.

Sounds like you have gotten some good advice already. And no, most vets are NOT very good nutritionists. You need to get your dog on a good grain free food. Taste of the Wild or similar. Try a salmon variety.

Best wishes to you. 


Amy and Sophia

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my bully has bad allergies as well

hi steve and other bully owners. zoe is my 3 year old bully that has allergies since day one, or at least since i brought her home. hers started with GI issues. couldnt keep food in her... yuck is all i have to say. then the itching, bitting, chewing, rubbing and shedding came with benadryl being the answer. took her to the vet to find out she had mange. ugh... treated her for mange with ivermectin which is broke out in hives than an investigational method of a cream btwn the shoulder blades once a week. i am allergic to the benzol peroxide normal treatment. it cleared it up after 3 months but then she was still itching and all the other annoying habits so we continued with benadryl up to 100mg in am and 100mg at night. took her to the doggie dematologist to leave with an answer of bathe her once a week and do super expensive allergy testing which would require her to be off antihistamine for 7 days. my vet found a local lab called specturm labs that tests blood levels of igg and ige. oh my did her results come back... she is allergic to so many things. the hardest things are peanut butter, eggs, fish mix, oats, alfalfa, the grasses, cat hair, dust mites oh and to top if off human hair and dander just to name a few. so we decided to do the allergy shots, which have worked great however we still have itching. we changed dog foods numerous times due to her not liking them but with her long lsit off food allergies we are limited. we did the natural balance sweet potatoe and venison, potatoe and duck, and lamb and rice. the only one she liked was sweet potatoe and venison but she stoped eating it. then she got pancreatitis last christmas so we changed foods again and now have her on california natural something that has no grains, but her coat is thin and dull. we stopped having her take the benadryl and any predisone she was on casue the benadrly stopped working, we tried almost all the antihistamines out there safe for dogs to take. i now am adding flax seeds and a biotin supplment to her dog food, raw carrots, bluebarries, but nothing seems to help. does anyone out there know anything else we can do? i am wondering if i need to switch back to the natural balance.....

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Have you thought about feeding a raw diet?

Post this as a question in a new thread, you will have a lot of help. I would suggest trying a raw diet (I don't feed raw, but many do and it works wonders on dogs with allergies). 

Good can be frustrating but help is available.


Amy and Sophia

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poor thing...i 've heard the

poor thing...i 've heard the about the raw diet also,re:alergies...apart from a vet

have you ever consulted a well known breeder?for sure some must have more knowledge and might be able

to tell you ro do something else...?hope she gets better

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Try Natures Variety Raw

for at least 2 or 3 months.  You will need to add the flax seed oil as it doesn't have enough Omega 3 and 6.  It is not cheap, but with only 1 dog it's not too bad.  You can also try Primo or any of the prepackaged raw diets. 

I don't have allergy problems with my dogs, but I did feed prepackaged Natures Variety for a couple of years until it I added a dog and it was just too expensive.  I know feed raw (not prepackaged) and I'm very happy with it.  I do not feed bones unless they are ground up. I belong to a raw Co-op so I'm able to buy from some great suppliers at a great cost.

My freezer is full of Beef, Venison, Tripe, Organs, Ground Duck, Ground Turkey and I have 60 lbs of lamb coming.

My dogs coats are awesome, soft shiney and I just realized I haven't washed them since August and they still smell fine.  I bought a new home and need to install a handheld shower so I can bath them.  But it has been high on the prioty list because they aren't stinky.

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ooh great tips..!!! will bug

ooh great tips..!!! will bug ya when i eventually get another one...

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What I like is .....Knowing.....

what is going into my dogs body.  Most of the meats I feed are from organic raised animals, nothing processed.  If you have ever read what goes into dog food and how it's processed it will make you cringe.  Some are better then others and I fed kibble for years with great success, but since I went to raw I've been very happy.  I did have an issue with MacKenzie getting impacted, which is rare, but it was really my fault.  I was feeding him too much bone, so now I just make sure he gets plenty of organ and tripe to keep his bowels moving and I feed him limited ground bone meats.  And I more closely watch what he is pooping.  I'm still learning.  It is actually fun to dog food shop....hahaha.  I bought a freezer for the dog food and it's now full, so I have to curtail my shopping, LOL. 


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actually it does sound

actually it does sound fascinarting...and i'll be honest ,it was suggested to me

by a trainer who had preso canaries(not sure on the spelling),they were huge

dogs but i thought he was being a tad eccentric...i was careful on what i gave archie

but since i was new to bullies it was trial and error...i was gonna switch him to orijen

(i think that's what it's called) that's what a well know breeder from where i'm from

fed her adult dogs...but unfortunately didn't get the chance...but i will be calling on

you for my next bully(w/your permission of course),i've gradually started the initial

process of looking...although i am being hesitant it still hurts too much...

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Where do you live?

If you are going to be puppy shopping there are alot of litters out there right now, breeders that I would consider friends.  It takes time to be ready.  I got Ester a month after Norbert passed and it was a blessing.  She really took my mine off Norbert and gave me something new to focus on and love.  I know he brought her too me.

Feel free to send me a private message.  I just might have Ester babies in June/July.  Still deciding.

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oooh...k my ears just pewrked

oooh...k my ears just pewrked right up...,lol

i'm in montreal,qc...yes it's been 36 days and still it hurts like it happened

yesterday...but like i said i had my taste of bully and i don't want another breed,

my husband at one time bred pits...and at one time when we married  we had like 6

all beautiful and i loved them dearly...but archie was my special boy!...sounds promising!