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4Health Grain Free Dog Food?

Was wondering what you all think of the 4Health Grain Free dog food that TSC is carrying? I know that it's made by Diamond. But it's one of the few grain free options that is readily available near me.

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do'nt know about the grain

do'nt know about the grain free but have had no problem when we used the lamb and rice, we still use the wet canned 4 health as a topper.


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I tried it with my guys for a while.

I didn't really like what I was seeing though. It produced a LOT of poop. I switched to Blue Buffalo grain free (also available at TSC), and they did better, but still lots of poop. I finally found out my bully girl is allergic to potatoes, so put her on a regular food (Purina One Lamb and Rice) and she is doing fine:-)


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