3yr old with cloudiness on left eye pic

I just noticed that there is this cloudiness on his left eye as seen in pic. He's only 3 can this be a sign for cataract? he doesnt blink just plays normal and doesnt tear alot. He does have a little yellow greenish goop when he wakes up in the morning. Eye infection? Vet appt this Sat.

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My current foster has this

My current foster has this same thing - he came to be in pretty bad shape.....one issue was the cloudy eye, green discharge and really inflamed tissue around his eye.

If I had the vet bill from Saturday, I would be able to tell you specifically what his diagnosis was.

The doctor gave him a shot into the tissue surrounding his eye and gave me neo poly dex drops to apply twice/day. He said the haziness should dissipate.

In the week before taking him to the vet I was applying artificial tears 3 times/day.

I would get him to the vet - but I don't think it's anything permanent, other than some permanent maintenance. :)

do you know what kind of shot so i can ask the vet

I have some teramycin oitment for the eye and wasn't sure to put this into his eyes until I see the vet. thank you for replying was so worried I coudln't sleep last night.
Did the cloudiness dissipate for your dog?

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The cloudiness is still there

The cloudiness is still there - but we were just at the vet on Saturday.

I'll pull up his vet bill later today and repost more info for you.

Don't worry :)

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Eye Ointment

An eye ointment is ok to use....but just make sure it has NO steriods in it, until you have gone to the vet. If it is an ulcer, anything with steriods can blow the eye up. So it is important to be very cautious with eye meds. I think it could be caused by a small infection, maybe causing some swelling in the eyelid that has rubbed in the eyeball. Some eye meds as perscribed by the vet should fix him right up. if the ointment you have has no steriods, it should be fine to use to lubricate the eye and begin the healing.

teramycin no steroids

I checked the ingredients on teramycin and this is what it has: Polymyxin B sulfate, oxytetracycline hydrochloride, petrolatum base. The white on his eye is a little red. I will try a little bit of this on the eye. Lucky I still have this ointment on hand cuz now can't order it anywhere its all backordered and some won't ship to California.

Thank you all for helping.

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Should be fine

I usually use Neo Poly Bac B for an ulcer. Although my vet said there is something else they are prescribing now. But I don't know what.

ACTIVES: Neomycin Sulfate (equivalent to 3.5 mg neomycin base), Polymyxin B Sulfate equivalent to 10,000 polymyxin B units, and Bacitracin Zinc equivalent to 400 bacitracin units; INACTIVES: White Petrolatum, Mineral Oil.

Have your vet check for Entropian, Distichia, Dry Eye. These as well as a mild infection can all be possible causes of the greyish ulcerated looking area.

Keep us posted!

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cloudy eye

My dog has the same thing. My vet said it was dry eye so she prescribed an eye drop called genteal, they also gave me a scope for an ointment called optimmune. They said he would have to be on ointment for ever. I would get him checked to see if his or her eye lid curling over. The hairs could be doing it.


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did the ointment work?

Is the cloudiness gone now?