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Archived Bulldog Medical Health

Here you will find Bulldog owners are welcome to ask medical and health questions

HELP! Swollen gums (pic)

Simon has a large "raspberry" sized swelling over one tooth (upper canine). Here is a picture. i am waiting for my vet to call back to see if he should come in tonight or if it can wait. It looks terrible. he is eating and drinking and shows no sign of pain. it looks like abscess or (god forbid) a tumor. does this look like anything anyone has seen?

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Average pup weight chart

Does anybody have a puppy avg weight chart? I have pups about 1.5 wks old and they are just blowing up in size; atleast compared to my last litter.


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oscar is having surgery on monday!!

so Oscar is having entropion surgery on Monday. He is getting both eyes done, top & bottom sad.gif

Any post-surgery suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am a nervous mama

Maria & soon-to-be FrankenOscar

Diarrhea and not wanting to eat...

Mason has had diarrhea for the last few days and I have been giving him maalox but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is there something else I could possibly give him? Also he has been on Bravo raw food for 3 weeks and the last few days he is not wanting to eat anything(when the diarrhea started he stopped eating it so im hoping it is just from his stomach being upset) I don't understand why he has diarrhea though because I had not given him anything different.. could he possibly have like a stomach virus I wonder?

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does anyone use apple cidar vinegar??

i remember reading a while back that someone (can't remember who) used 1 tblsp of apple cider vinegar in the drinking water for different skin issues?? my cooper has had chin acne on & off for a while & monday he got an idc & his face wrinkles are red & irritated, grrrr. i haven't switched anything, but my sister babysat saturday, but swears she didn't give him anything different. it's possible he could have gotten into something & she didn't know. anyway, he's fine every other way- just the skin irritations.

11 day old puppies with diarrhea

My 11 day old babys have diarrhea is there anything that i can give them ?

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Is Vaseline safe to lubricate a bully's nose?

I noticed that Tuffy's nose is kind of dry. Is Vaseline safe to use on the outside (not in the nostrils) or is there something better and safer our there?

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what does any eye ulcer look like?

I just noticed today Oscar has a red mark on his eyeball, looks like a broken blood vessel. In previous posts I have said our vet thinks he has entropian & I am getting a second opinion from an opthomlogist in a few weeks (soonest appt I could get sad.gif) I called our vet today because around his right eye is red & I also noticed a little bald spot on his side. When I got home from work I noticed the red spot in his right eye!!!

Cysts between toes

I know this subject has come up before from different folks, but I haven't been on here awhile. Forgive the reposting if it's been recently discussed ...

I've got a 13-month old male bullie who just sprouted a cyst between his toes. This is something new for us. He's on a good quality food, no prior infections or yeast issues. We have been giving him Angel Eyes regularly for tear stains, but that's it. He's been a very healthy dog otherwise, no other meds given.

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