Why do Bulldogs stink so much?

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Why do Bulldogs stink so much?

Is this a common thing or just my dog?

Why do they get so smelly? I have had other breeds of dogs and they never got nearly as bad.

The reason why I mainly ask is because my Bully never even goes outside except to go to the bathroom. Yet if I don't give her a bath atleast every 2 weeks she smells terrible even though she stays inside 95% of the day.

re: cleaned

I know it's frustrating when no matter how clean you try to keep them, they can still stink. My other dog can go months without a bath and you'd never know, he has no doggie odor to him at all. Spike needs a bath several times a month and sometimes that still isn't enough.

She gets cleaned....

in her wrinkles daily and usually a bath every sunday. I was just asking in general.

me too

I gave Spike a bath, and really got in between all the wrinkles and folds on his face with the sprayer and shampoo and a washcloth, and he smells as fresh and clean as a baby now. In a few days, he'll be stinky again. Even with daily cleaning, nothing gets them as clean as a "shower" on their mugs!

I am convinced it is the wrinkles.

Do you clean the face wrinkles. I have to clean bulldozers a few times a week. If not his face will stink. Also the tail pocket will smell if it is not cleaned too.


I think it is a Yeast build up. Rocko has this if I don't keep his wrinkles clean and dry.

Corn Starch
Baby Wipes

Re: Why do Bulldogs stink so much?

This is a great question! I have an American Bulldog who could go months w/o a bath and never stink. Frado, who is English, needs one desparatley by week 2! Someone told me once to pour Cider Vinegar over him after I bath him and that does seem to work, his body doesn't stink anymore. His face, however is a different story. I usually wash his face with Johnsons baby shampoo, it smells sooooo nice afterwards. It's definitly the rolls on his face that stink more than anything.
They are such up-keep these bullies!!!!!

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