what does any eye ulcer look like?

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what does any eye ulcer look like?

I just noticed today Oscar has a red mark on his eyeball, looks like a broken blood vessel. In previous posts I have said our vet thinks he has entropian & I am getting a second opinion from an opthomlogist in a few weeks (soonest appt I could get sad.gif) I called our vet today because around his right eye is red & I also noticed a little bald spot on his side. When I got home from work I noticed the red spot in his right eye!!! We started doing some construction this weekend at our house & I was thinking maybe he got something in it, but I am not sure. I have never seen a pic of an eye ulcer so I was wondering if maybe this was it?

Thanks in advance, sorry this is a novel



Can be difficult to see. Sometimes it looks like a little spot on the eye, or it can look like a pit if severe. Need to use the stain drops to really see an ulcer. We see lots of ulcers in rescue. My Belle had one that took over a month to get rid of. I treated it with Atropine drops and BNP (without Dex. No steroid used to treat ulcers because it slows healing.)

Put a cone on him if he is rubbing it.

If you Google "Dog Eye Ulcer" and click on "Images," you will see lots of them from mild to severe.

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Ozzy had an ulcer and entropian surgery last summer--the thing that got us to the vet was his eye was gucky all the time. If it is a ulcer, depending on how deep it is, it may require immediate surgery. We brought Ozzy to the vet on Monday morning--they got him an appoitment with Tufts that afternoon and Tufts kept him until the surgery on Wednesday so not the make it worse.


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i have an appt tomorrow

with his regular vet. My husband wants to get the surgery done immediately by our regular vet, but I really want to go to the opthomologist & get her opinion. I dont know if maybe our vet can give us some cream or medication for now. It looks like a broken blood vessel at the bottom of his eyeball. Its actually in both eyes sad.gif

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I would have it looked at...

better to be safe, eye ulcers can deteriorate quickly. Oreo had one a few years ago, and I kind of remember it looking red in the sunlight.

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