what age to puppies start walking

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what age to puppies start walking

I have two puppies that will be 3 weeks on monday. When should they be able to get up ontheir feet. Also one of them has backwards feet. Will i notice them turning around when she starts to walk or should they already be turning around?

had pups with backward and twisted feet.

I tried to just massage them a bit when they were nursing. To try and stretch all those muscles and ligaments just ever so slightly so that they could move a bit more toward normal. Don't ever force them just massage like you would to stretch your own tight muscles before a run .

One of these pups I was still worried about when they were 4-5 weeks cause she seems to still turn her feet but within a few more weeks you would have never known she ever had a problem.

Most pups will be up on all fours by 3wks but may not be

really walking coordinating steps until 4wks...depends on their size and the size of their "fat" belly. Re the turned feet, just watch this little one, as he moves around more they will turn...can't give you an exact date but by 8wks he should be looking and moving like the others, I think.

They should start walking from 15-21 days.(3 wks).

They should not be on flat surface. They should have little mountains(scrunched-up newspapers)?these can be put under the blankets. It helps them to climb and forces those hind legs to work. They need to get them strong. If they don't get to do this they will need to be worked. Therapy.

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