We will be traveling around Adminzona - long

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We will be traveling around Adminzona - long

Does any one know of a Vet with Bulldog experince in the Yuma area? I have checked the home page of Bulldogworld and have the reference listed but I would really love to have some personel reference. We are going to be all over Az for about 3 weeks, traveling with Matilda. Our main stay will be in Yuma, where our son is to be stationed. He was only in Yuma for two weeks before he deployed to Iraq. He is not familiar with the area, either. We are from Florida so we know about heat but have never been west of the Mississippi and are now gearing up for this long trip. We are in need of advice, for Vets, all along our way out on I-10. Also we are looking into some boarding facilities any where near the Grand Canyon area, not sure about boarding Matilda. It's an ordeal for us. We did board her overnight once and everything went fine but OH, it is so hard to leave our baby!
P.S. We are also going to be in Calfornia. We are going to drive Route 1 - Big Sur Coast Highway at least from San Simeon to San Francisco. AGGHGHH, sorry so long, I'm looking for any advice to make this trip go smoothly with Matilda.
From one anxious mom, Alison

It helps

to hear and read the care,concern and prays from others! It gives our military people strength and motivation. Our bullie Matilda has kept in contact with our son via email (pictures ect.) and she has been a source of entertainment to his detachment in Iraq. Those Marines love bullies!
Their always in my heart, Alison

Thank you

Our prayers and thanksgiving to your son. Him and all of our service men and women are in our thoughts and constant prayers. Kim Fuga

Re: Heat

Oh, of course, we always seem to be where's it's the hottest. We are thinking of getting Matilda a bodycooler wrap. We have a cooling collar by Outward Hound, that I like and a fan. Our car is new, so air conditioner is good but I'm not taking any chances. Thankyou so much for the infomation. It's just what I wanted! I know we will be in Phoenix and I think it is about two hrs from Yuma. We are all so excited.

If you are in the Phoenix area...

we use Dr Junger at Alma School Animal Hospital, she is a bulldog specialist and if she is not available, all the dr's at the practice are very good and will refer anything dire back to her. Their phone number is 480-838-9117. Yuma is about the hottest part of Az and it doesn't really start to cool down until October, temps probably around 102 to 106. We've had a very active monsoon this year, but it should be over very shortly and then it will be a dry heat again. Good luck to your son.

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