tylan-10 for tear stains

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tylan-10 for tear stains

We were told to use an extremely small amount of tylan-10 in the food for our bulldog to clear up tear stains. Would like to read up on it before we use it.
Can you give me a reference?

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I used it for

a short time on Bosco, he has a deep white wrinkle on his face. I cleaned it 2 times a day and changed his food. It was getting smelly and worse. I got the generic Tylan powder and used it in his food for 3 weeks and they went away. He was getting a yeast infection and i bellieve he had a bacterial type infection. Stains are gone, he will get some color change but no major rust colors.

Tylan is a tetracycline antibiotic. It is used in Chicken, Bee's and Fish to treat or prevent infections.

If you have, had your dogs eyes checked for any problems. Failed cleaning and changing foods and for some reason can not live with the stains. I would rather use a low dose antibiotic then a Cephalexin medication that the vet would RX you since the dose is so small you are better to use Tylan vs full RX.

Just my opinion.


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I personally would not use an antibiotic on a dog just to clear up tear stains. The stains are a product of what if coming from the inside of the dog. I suggest changing food. Do not feed a food that has Beet pulp in it or iron oxided, when a dogs eyes tear it is these things that make the stains.
I reccommed feeding Natural Balance Duck and Potato for the tear stains.

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We were told it would be ok to put a very small amount of Tylan (amt. that would fit on the tip of a matchstick) in our Bulldog's food once a day. The tear stains cleared up beautifully in 3 weeks. We also clean his wrinkles at nite and put Baby's Balmex in them to whiten up his current stains.

We were told the Tylan would be ok since we have a neutered male. It is not recommended for Females or Dogs you wish to have reproduce since the Tylan is a Chicken hormone.

Good Luck!

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