Tight Tail Pocket Cleaning

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Tight Tail Pocket Cleaning

I've been using Malaseb Rinse and flushing out her tail pocket about every third day. I'm going to need to try something different on a daily basis. I can smell the poor girl coming about a block away The vet mentioned Malaseb pads that I could use to clean her daily. I never asked if I could buy these over the counter of if I needed a prescription. Friday night I cleaned her and dried her the best I could. I had this bright idea that I would try squirting some baby powder in her tail pocket out of one of those bottles that use ladies use when you dye your hair (brand new bottle of course). My wife and I took her in the garage because we figured this may be messy. My wife held her and I squirted. The powder came out so fast it went into my eyes and nose. My wife was laughing so hard she let go of the dog. The poor dog hauled A$$ for the house and hid from us two geniuses!!! Any new (simple) ideas to clean her tail pocket daily would be appreciated!


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I hope my wife didn't.....

use her make-up brush this morning

That is a great suggestion. I will have to use the makeup brush


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The Panalog is a very good addition

to the regime as it has an anti-inflammatory to soothe the area, plus, 3 other ingredients to cover the bacterial infection.

I was going to post that but I am glad to see the vet gave it to you already.

Andrea and Ruby

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They put her on.......

Simplicef (sp?) and gave me Panalog ointment to put in there.


If you are sure there is no infection, I use alcohol to clean

Stoli sits for me and lets me clean the pocket out with qtips. We go through about 5 or 6 in one cleaning every couple of days. I know some people have said that the alcohol will sting if there is an infection. My Vet told us to clean with alcohol after Stoli's first infection and it has worked. I can't believe the dirt in there. If you do have an infection have your Vet give you Mometamaxx besides the antibiotics. It is an ointment to put right in the tail pocket. It helped Stoli's heal quickly.

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twice so far. Her sister has the exact same tail and I haven't had any problems (knock on wood) with it so far.

My biggest concern is that I am complicating the problem by digging in there. She is a very mild mannered little girl and doesn't like it.......but she doesn't put up a fight.


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OK.....then how about......

either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide? Would either of these work?


Re: YES......

I second the Gold Bond powder. I put it on with a makeup brush, (which is used ONLY for that, btw!!) just dust it up in there as much as I can.

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Here's my agenda!

I place her in the tub and wash her tail pocket out with baby shampoo and warm water first. Then I flush it with Malaseb Rinse a couple times. After that I dry it real well and use Panalog cream. 2 short days later I can smell her coming again!


Re: Tight Tail Pocket Cleaning

Get some chlorhexiderm ear cleaning solution and squirt it up in there, it has a drying agent in it. If you think she has an infection up there you can get some betagen spray from your vet and spray up there, it drys quickly too...

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This is what I do...

For my smelly girl

I bath weekly, dry her tail pocket (really deep) and put neosporin all in and around her tail and pocket. Later that day I use Gold's Bond Powder and like you Mike, squirt it in there and use a cotton ball to get it into the pocket. It does go everywhere. lol I reclean it about every 3 days depending on how it looks but the Gold's bond powder really works good. I only had her smell really really bad about 2 times before I found what works for her. Good luck to you.


Yep, just plain ole' kleneex out of the box, or you can use TP! Just something soft!

For her tail?

One of my males has the 'cina-bun' type tail with a very deep tail pocket and if I don't stay really on top of it, it gets infected. He has had to be on abx a few times for it. Then for regular mait. I keep it dry, and use Gold Bond powder. If it starts to get smelly (before abx are needed, I use the Malaseb wipes).

Was she on the antibiotics for her tail problem?

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Sorry Michelle....LMAO! :)

I'm looking all over the place for some product called KLENNEX. I have never heard of this product before. It took me awhile to realize you mean KLEENEX!


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She's been on them twice already for infections.


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Surgery ????

Now my vet is telling me that her tail is way too small to attempt the surgery. They are concerned they will hit a nerve and cause worse problems. I may need to go see a specialist or perhaps just another vet for a second opinion.


Re: Tight Tail Pocket Cleaning

You need to keep the tail pocket as dry as possible. I dry the pocket out with klennex. If she smells really bad, she may need a round of anti-biotics from the vet to get any infection under control, then regular maint. You guys had the right idea with the powder in the squeeze bottle, but Gold Bond powder works much better. It has anti-itch relief and cooling agents that will help to make the dog feel better. As for the Malaseb, you can get it from you vet, or buy it online. Here is a link:


Good luck! Hope she feels better soon

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Tail pocket

Mike, I understand you 100%! I went through the same thing! Finallly opted for surgery, smaller wallet, but happier pet. Surgeon said it was a tough surgery, and Starr had a rough time recouperating, but again, I AM SOOO HAPPY TO BE DONE WITH IT!

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