puppy has the runs for the first time!

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puppy has the runs for the first time!

AAWW! I read about it here and there. But now is the first time it has happened to my 14 week old bully since I've had him these past three weeks. I statrted to change him gradually yesterday from Iams Lamb/rice puppy to the regular Iams puppy chiots (chicken?) and whamo he let it go an hour ago. I live in Adminzona, although not too cold here at night--I WILL NOT let him sleep outside. Is there any medicine or home remedy he could take? (Most stores closed cause of holiday) Or should I not feeed him tonight, line the house with newspaper?


Thank you kathy

Thanks hes doing just wonderful now! Happy New Year!


do you have a crate or an exercise pen? You could put him in there for the night with a bunch of towels of newspapers.

We're in Az too!

I use Pepto Bismol tablets when my guys have diarhea. we've used Kaopectate in the past but I don't know what dosage for a 14 week old. Don't feed him regular food, if you feed him anything make it bland like white rice and boiled hamburger. Some people give immodium too, but again I don't know the dosage. Hope he gets better soon.

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