Puppy Belly Rash

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Puppy Belly Rash

Well it seems that both of our 9 week + puppies have developed a rash on their bellies. Its red with some small bumps, kinda like a poison ivey rash. We gave them a bath the other for the first time, could it be the shampoo? The only other thing i could think of is the grass. They don't seem to be bothered by it? Any suggestions? Thanks

Probably nothing serious...

They lie all over each other and get dirty...I'd recommend a nice mild puppy bath with dusting of Gold Bond and if Gold Bond doesn't work head for the Desitin or if it is very bad rash with pustules I'd go with triple antibiotic under Desitin or equivalent. They are still 'sink size'!

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use desitin

i use gerber baby shampoo and use desitin to treat these rash. the rash could be from the shampoo, grass or from urine. my bully boy who is 4mos squat really long so his belly would sometimes touch it and his hind legs and these red bumps would break out. I just clean the area and apply desitin diaper rash for baby, it should clear up the next day or just reapply and should be in 2 days.

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Just give it a dusting with...

gold bond powder, it should go away in a day or so.

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Could it be a

heat rash? Is it hot there?

Some shampoos are harsh that could be it too, but you'd think there would be a rash all over their bodies if it were that....I've also read here that some bullies have allergies to certain type rugs, deodorants, detergent....grass...foods...

Could be so many things but if they're not bothered by it, I would just keep an eye on it. Hopefully you will figure out what's causing it. If it gets itchy you can give them benadryl.


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