More allergy questions... can a dog be allergic to yogurt?

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More allergy questions... can a dog be allergic to yogurt?

I was posting yesterday about switching Bella's food. But, then I realized that her allergies have gotten bad in the last 3-4 weeks... just when we started letting her have yogurt. She loves it so much that we started giving it to her more frequently. Can she be allergic to it? She loves cheese, but only gets a small piece for taking benedryl, so I don't know if it would be an allergy to all dairy.

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Interestingly, that goes against what we all hear...

The live cultures (acidophilus) is what AIDS in digestion. Restores the good bacteria. I for one know that when Grover was on kibble, he was very gassy, but when given yogurt (the real stuff) it was non-existant. To me, that says "digestion-aid."

So I wouldn't put it in the "chocolate, onion" category at all. We all have differing opinions. I guess you have to pick and choose what you want to believe depending on whose opinion you trust and value more. Ha ha!

Dogs should not have yogurt!

Hi! My bulldog had diarrhea when he was a pup from contracting coccidia from the pet store where we purchased him. (yes, he's a pet store bulldog which makes people groan but he's the best dog ever so I don't regret it) I asked the vet if we could give him yogurt (which is what I do for my children when they're on an antibiotic) and she said it causes alot of digestion problems because of the live bacteria in it, which is different for them, so it's on the list with chocolate, onions, almonds, etc., a no-no for dogs, so definitely don't give it to your dog. This is just what my vet told me, maybe that's why your dog is having problems, especially if it's give a lot. Good luck!

giving extras

i believe every dog has differnt reactions too different foods,i was putting cheese in my bullies dinner to spice it up and god it doesnt agree with her and yogurt too, its a no go, i would take her of all daries and observe, if it all stops then you know its darie products, take care England sharon


I do give my bully yoghurt from time to time. No problems. Are you give plain yoghurt no flavouring or sugar? I know babies can often tolerate yoghurt but not cow's milk or cheese. All the best. M


Dairy products were one of the things that my boy was tested for. So I would assume that it is very possible to be allergic to yogurt.

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