Lemon to Water ratio?

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Lemon to Water ratio?

I am planning on carrying some Lemon water with us as we travel with the kids and was curious what mix people use. I was just going to keep it in a little yellow spray bottle so the whole family could find it quick.

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Yes emergency Lemon! I guess I was

under the impression that it was mixed with water and used to clear the flem. I didn't realize it was straight Lemon..... Yuck! Hope we never need it for their sakes!! Thanks Jacinda. I guess I'll just pack the little Lemon and go happy.gif

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Lemon for an emergency?

If you are talking about carrying lemon with you for an emergency situation, I don't mix it with water. I use the lemon juice in the little plastic lemon shaped bottle and squirt straight lemon juice down their throat.

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