Itching himself?

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Itching himself?

Quick question about our bulldog he will sit on his butt and flip from side to side like he is try to itch not picking up his legs (just his butt on the floor?) he falls over into walls and doors doing it. Has anyone else seen this and is that what he is doing? Or is it something else that we should be worried about.

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Re: Itching himself?

When my boy does this, it usually means he has fleas and they are BUGGIN him!


Just talked with a girlfriend who's bulldogs have to get their anal glands extracted.. she was saying her bully scoots around on the floor..might be what your bully needs..

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Tail is clean....

he loves to get his tail cleaned so he tail is good & clean. That was what we initially thought as well but he does it even right after he gets it cleaned.

Tail issue

He probably needs his tail cleaned. Try using a baby wipe and then dry it out and put some diaper rash cream under the tail if it is irritated.

itching himself

His tail might need to be cleaned out. It could have yeast in it and it could also be infected. You might try and use a baby wipe or a paper towel and see if you can clean his tail. If it has any puss or smells like an infection better take him to the vet and get him on some antibotics.. hope he feels better soon.

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