inflamed skin around nail

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inflamed skin around nail

The skin around the top of one of Duncan's front toes is slightly inflamed and red. It's a little weepy, about 1/4 inch area, but there's no hair loss. Must be itchy but not sensitive to touch because he's trying to chew at it but will let me check it out. It almost seems like a hot spot, but I've never seen one on the end of a toe like that. I've been cleaning it and applying Gold Bond and gave him Benadryl. He does have a vet check up next week but not sure if he should go in sooner, just don't like how the inflammation is right up to the toenail bed. Can dogs get a type of nail fungus or something else I should be worried about & get him to the vet sooner? All his other toes look ok. thanks!

thanks Sue!

guess I just needed a little reassurance. (and my checkbook thanks you too gotta get over this "run to the vet!" for
every little thing.

He'll be fine

as long as you keep it clean. It should dry up in a couple of days. Also, try spraying some Bitter Apple on it so he won't bite at it.


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