Eye problems

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Eye problems

Hello all,
Our one year old, Nola, has had eye issues for a while. We've seen the vet, and a specialist who prescribed us with all sorts of medication. Originally she had an ulcer in her left eye, which has seemed to get better, but now its her right eye that seems to really be bothering her. The vet currently has us giving her Zaditor (Ketotifen), then Optimmune, then after an hour NeoPolyDex. Also, she recommended we give her 50mg of benedryl twice daily in case its allergic. We are also giving her a pain pill prescribed by the vet to make her feel better. We started doing this on Thursday, and the vet plucked a few hairs from her eye area that might have been irritating her. Friday, we called the vet to tell her it had gotten worse and that Nola now keeps her right eye shut all the time. The vet didn't have any advice and said to bring her in. Rather than adding another $100-200 of costs, I thought I'd consult the forum here.

Has anyone experienced an eye irritation like this? Could it be allergic/food caused? Could there be something in the air now that its spring??

Any advice is appreciated!
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sometimes when the eye is bothersome, they cause themselves to

get spasmodic entropion, the eye actually spasms because of the irritations, which cause the eyelid to roll in, if you can get her some medicine to relax that cycle, it might help, but keep putting the med in neo poly dex only if you know there is NOT an ulcer in that eye. You can use the neo poly bac in there and be safe. I would consult another specialist. If he doesn't know the cause, no distichia. My Lola's eyes are red too so it might be allergies. Benedryl is good for that. Hope this helps. I have had eye problems forever. I have three chinese shar-pei, had them for the last 15 years. Now I have bulldogs too, have had cherry eye, entropion surgery and distichia too.

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going thru it now.....

wilson is walking around with his eyes closed...sleeping all the time....bumping into the walls
i just finished a 400 dollar bill....eyes no hair,no entropian, blood work ok...
were on eye meds...the eye doctor says allergies.... i refuse pred.. and were on a raw diet...so i think some of my grooming clients fed him some treats....they should not have....people dont understand when your dog has horrible allergies...
so thats what i am going thru now....so it sounds like your having a problem like me with allergies....


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It's possible one or more of the meds is irritating the eye

She could be allergic to something in the meds.

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thx we did

The opthamologist said the ulcer in her left eye is gone, but now its her right eye that is irritated. She won't open it at all, hopefully the medicine (zaditor, optimmune and neopolydex) will help heal the irritation. The opthamologist seems stumped, so i was hoping someone here has had success with such a problem..

Thanks for the concern![linked image]

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Go to an Opthamologist

Is it possible she has an ulcer in this eye too? If she has an ulcer, the steroid in the neopolydex will irritate it. Good luck!

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