Can dogs eat Pomegranates?

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Can dogs eat Pomegranates?

I was just wondering if my bulldog can eat a pomegranate? I bought a few last night. My Harley watched me eat it the entire time. I was too afraid to give her one because I really don't know if they are good for dogs or not. I know it's an antioxidant so maybe dogs shouldn't eat them.

Please let me know.

A little blurb about Dogs and Pomegranates!

I decided to look on the net to see if there was information about dogs eating pomegranates and this is what I found:

(QUESTION)Ask the APCC: Are Pomegranates Harmful to Dogs?
We have two pomegranates in our backyard, and they are dropping fruit like crazy. Are these harmful to our dog if she ingests the green skin and seeds?
—Jenny H.

(ANSWER)While the ripe fruit of the pomegranate (Punica granatum) is considered to be edible by humans, various parts of the plant contain alkaloids and tannins, which can cause significant GI irritation and even central nervous system depression in pets, depending on the amount ingested. Therefore, we would recommend not allowing your dog to consume the fallen fruit or other parts of the plant.

Good to know.

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