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Bulldog teeth brushing

Now that Tuffy's chompers are coming in I imagine that it's time to start a teeth brushing regimen. Any recommendations for how often I should brush? Also any tips for brushing a bully's teeth would be most welcome!


I started with

A finger brush and did Q's teeth weekly (with his nails and ears). Q really likes the durable nylabones, and they keep his teeth really clean, so I only brush monthly, now. I also went to a three sided brush. Q is 4 1/2 and has no periodontal disease ( his vet is impressed). :)



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be sure to use a doggy toothpaste and NOT human toothpaste.  I brush my guys once or twice a week, helps their breath.

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Thanks for the tips!

I'd read somewhere that you can also use a child's toothbrush with dog toothpaste. I will start with the finger brush to get him used to it!


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hi kim!

i just don't think he can get any cuter! i'm glad you asked this question cuz i was brushing every day. i guess i don't have to do it so often!


I brush Farley and Ida's teeth every day with a toddler toothbrush and CET Vanilla Mint toothpaste.  I also work for a Vet so if I took them in and they had bad teeth I would be shot. LOL  My Boxer is 5 and she has never needed a dental so that says something.