Best way to heal face sores? (pics)

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Best way to heal face sores? (pics)

Our puppy has been rough housing with our older guy, and he's in his teething stage so he's also been nipping at the old guy's face. Is there something we can put on the sores/cuts to help them heal faster? Should we put cones on both of them so they can't go at each other and make it worse?


It looks a bit infected. Get him to the vets to stop any future swelling. If you already have it you might want to use Fuciderm ointment. It is prescribed from the vet but can be used on most sores. we use it on ours when they get a bit rough with each other. You don't want bacteria to get into this as it will end up in a right mess

Calm Coat can help speed the healing process!

Calm Coat all natural topical spray can help promote rapid wound healing. And since the sores are on the face it might be nice to have something that is all natural. There are no harmful side effects if ingested when used as directed.

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Ouch alright, don't let your puppy do that

your poor dog! You need to stop them when they are getting too rough


Wow! I have never had my dogs rough house that one looks like that! Time for some puppy training!

Best thing is to keep it clean and keep the puppy is never good when a sore is not given the chance to heal and just keeps getting openned up again.

Good luck!

I think they look somewhat infected also.

If they are kept clean, and I mean with soap/water and then rinsed well daily, then treated topically with a Neosporin or Polysporin ointment (don't need alot, but do cover the entire sore area) and the dog has a reasonably healthy immune system, these sores may heal on their own...

but if you allow repeated assaults, and/or the dog begins to rub the sores on the carpet/furniture, then the dog needs antibiotics to help healing.

Animal teeth are about the "dirtiest" thing around, and a bite that breaks the skin, from dog or cat, can easily infect. That's why they need extra hygiene to heal properly.

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Re: That doesn't look very good

good advice!!!!

That doesn't look very good

IMO I would have a Vet look at it. I have a 4 month old and 19 month old and I thought they sometimes play too rough but neither one has ever bled from it. You need to establish with the puppy that you are in charge and that kind of dominance toward anyone won't be tolerated. Don't let a puppy get away with something you don't want him to do as an adult dog. If this continues, he may turn this biting towards humans. Take care of this now. Get a trainer if necessary. Enroll the puppy in a puppy class. Sometimes getting nipped by other sharp baby teeth makes them learn quicker how far to go with other dogs. Good Luck.

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Re: play biting

The one that is closer to his mouth looks infected, he might nedd antibiotics to clear this up at this point.

Re: play biting

Yea that's what I've been doing... its just sometimes the old guy instigates the face biting of the little guy too. It was only minor at the start but it just hasnt been able to heal properly.

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play biting

This should be stoped immediately. It's like when you see a young child misbehaving and you think it's funny, because he's cute at that age and then you try and change the behavior as he gets older and its confusing to him. The same thing with this puppy. Only the older dog is giving him his "puppy pass' right now, pretty soon he (the older) dog is going to get fed up and then he will react in a way thaqt could be dangerous to the little pup. When the puppy starts getting too rough, take him away and give him a bond or something else, if he won't stop then he gets a time out. There is no reason for this older dog to be hurt this way.

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I would clean it real well and put some polysporin triple antibiotic on it.

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I think you need to call a halt before playing gets this rough

Clean the wounds well and disinfect them.

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