Bad Breeder? Advice.

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Bad Breeder? Advice.

My 11-month old bully has had entropion surgery on both eyes and next month will be undergoing surgery to correct a luxating patella in one of her back legs.

I am under the assumption the breeder we got her from knew her dogs had health issues and continued to breed. Am I jumping to conclusions? Also, should I inform them of the serious health problems I've had with the dog I got from them (not that it will keep them from breeding).

I'm so distraught over the hundreds (and now thousands) I've spent on a dog I dearly love that was mistreated before she was even born and then passed onto me as a healthy pup.

Thanks for the advice.



When I posted before I didn't mean that any one who has apair Was disreputable.Someone posted before me about AI and how you might not be as careful with that .I am.I talk to all kinds of people .Anyone who has seen the dog .I go to shows so I might see the dog myself.I drove 7 way to look at the stud to my current litter and had some friends tape him in the ring and out.Nothing is to good for my ladies.But I agree with Kris .Give them a chance.You may be surprised.All a breeder has is thier good name.If you have even one dissatisfied Parent you are in trouble.LOL Sue

Doesn't mean the parents' had the same thing....

Entropion is prevalent in any breed that has heavy wrinkling around the eyes...I had it with St. Bernards in past...and had ectopic sillia with a Bulldog...but neither parents in either case had either of these conditions...any round eyed breed is prone to cherry eye....I haven't had it in my line yet, but I could never say for sure that some puppy I breed may not come up with it...I also know that heredity is not always linear in that there are multiple things that make up a problem and some of it is genetic but may skip multiple generations and some of it is nurture, ie, not having enough muscle or being allowed to jump and put too much pressure on soft puppy bones at too early an age and stuff can lead to worsening hip problems so maybe that can play a part in patella development too...and the bulldog structure that wins in the ring does not necessarily have a deep turn of stifle to encourage a deeper patella b/c if many bullies had deep turn of stifle of say a Sheltie, their rears may not be higher than their front as is desired in show ring...we have a rather oddly shaped and oddly developed breed that we love to the max...but the breeder is not at fault for everything...but should also know about anything wrong that she has bred so she can take a closer look at the dogs she put together and their conformation...and then that of their ancestors b/c the parents are not the only thing in a pups genetic makeup....there are generations that came before and what of the littermates of the parents and what they might have had that breeder didn't know about....
Ours is an interesting, loving and challenging breed to say the least...let the breeder never know what they may have to say about your discoveries...then you may find out if they are "good" or "ethical" breeders or casual or even "bad" breeders.
Good luck!
Lorraine Eyth

assumptions and conclusions

I wouldn't make assumptions or conclusions until I spoke to the breeder.

Too many people are quick to go around trying to find answers to problems without going straight to the source FIRST to save themself time and energy.

Talk to the breeder directly, before you make any assumptions.


breeder owns dam & stud

The breeder we got her from owned the dam and the stud. Should that have been a warning signal??

Maya is our first bulldog.

The new site will be finished soon. Until then visit the old site:

I am so glad to hear

that there are breeders out there who will help out with problems.I am also a breeder and let me tell you if a breeder takes it upon themselves to use cooled semen and have it shipped ,they would be crazy not to find out everything about the stud.Maybe I'm just one of those who really enjoys homework.I talk to everybody about the stud:health,temprament,show presence.I try to see him in action.I'm very picky who I use for my girls.Sue

I would let them know, but don't expect anything...

We had bilateral cherry eyes and were the only pup in the litter of 8 to have cherry eye - our breeder helped us out with the cost of the surgery. They were so very very nice about it. Now, the left eye popped again and we paid for that surgery. They insisted on helping with the first one - we even turned them down when they offered to help since this is not a hereditary condition, but they continued to persist. I think they should get breeder-of-the-year award

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you dont always know what you will get when you breed

Dogs with heavy wrinkled faces are more prone to entropian. They may not have problems until they are older, some with heavy wrinkles dont have entropian.

Also some breeders say that entropian is not a reason to fix or not breed your dog, you need to make sure you breed to a dog who doen't have heavy wrinkles.

As for the SLP this might be something new in the line.

Another ? do you know if the breeder shipped in semen, as they might not know everything about the stud.

Hope you bully does great with the surgery!!

Vicky, Bosco, Bella & Breve'

Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle

maybe, maybe not

I have a puppy that has entropion and the mother hasn't had it. I know she hasn't ever had any eye problems because I visit the owner of the dam often. The father was a champion dog belonging to someone else. My puppy has also had mange and the mother never had it. And I know she hasn't. You can complain and you might get the breeder to do something for you. Do you have a written guarantee? Some guarantees will not cover common bulldog problems.

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