Bad acne and fold problem -Long

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Bad acne and fold problem -Long

Hello All,
First off I just want to say that I appreciate the imput that I get on this website. Thank you all who respond so quickly to problems that Adminse for new owners like me:)
My almost six month old is having problems with acne on the sides of his mouth. I have tried cleaning them with unscented baby wipes, daily facials, witch hazel, and even just applying antibiotic ointment on them. Nothing works. I had heard that antibiotics can clear that up but he was just on those for a week for something else and his acne looks just as bad. Does anyone know of anything that really works?
Also this morning I noticed a fold on the top of his head is really red and irritated. Any advice for getting rid of that? I do clean his folds every single day.
Thanks again for your help.
Lissa and Buddy

Ok thankyou! gonna check up on it

didnt mean to change the original subject. but i think bruno is getting sick again and saw the post about it taking care of mange.

It is a mite

i believe a mite all dogs carry though, it just happens that bruno has a very poor imune system and the mite attacks his system, thus causing hair loss, sores, bumps , along with other things that make him very ill. It is something in his system, so im not sure if what you are telling me about would help or not? hmm i will have to ask my vet.

You're welcome.

I'm sure others will advise you differently! lol
Best listen to everyone here first to get an 'all round view'
Good luck Lissa,

Thanks Julie

Thanks for the suggestion Julie!
The antibiotics weren't for his skin they were for something else. I'll have to take him back to the vet so I can get the stronghold - hopefully:).
Thanks again.

The antibiotics weren't for his skin?

I just re-read what you wrote, if the antibiotics weren't actually prescribed for the skin infection itself, they may well not work, but that doesn't mean that another type of antibiotic won't work.
I'd still recommend 'Stronghold' anyhow.

Fungal infections are best cleared up with specialist ointment/cream read one of the posts below.

Re: Bad acne and fold problem -Long

As he's only young it could be hormonal, teenage acne, (he'll grow out of it)
You said you'd tried antibiotics so it's probably not an infection.
My other thought is that it could be a mite of some sort.
I use 'stronghold' (only available from the vet)
I have a fox visit my garden on a nightly basis and he brings fox mainge with him. My Rottie had frequent 'teenage acne' or so I thought! Since using 'Stronghold' I've had no further probs. It treats fleas, mainge and heartworm all in one.

more about Stronghold

Just to let you know, when we brought our 8 week old home she had some red spots on her head only, the doc gave us "revolution" by Pfizer, same idea break the seal apply it to the back of her head, its good for mange, mites, scabies and fleas. The vet said a scraping is too difficult and tramatic for a pup, so we went ahead with the treatment,one at his office and another at home in 4 weeks.
p.s. we're in Canada

Don't say a word! lol

If I had half a brain I'd be dangerous!!! lol
I'd obviously read Demodex treatment. Dooooh!

It's the mainge itself right?
If it's the same as the foxes carry here then yes it works,


It comes in different sizes, from your vet.
It comes in a pack of 3 (something for the weekend sir? lol)
Every month you break the seal and apply to the back of your dogs neck, between shoulder blades. (It's a liquid, advisable to keep other dogs seperate while administering the treatment, and until dry because they shouldn't injest it.)

It is a treatment that can be used in conjunction with others, (i.e. I also use 'Frontline' flea spray just on my Collie because just one flea bite causes him discomfort) I also use seperate worming tablets for all because it doesn't cover all worms.

It's the only treatment here (in the U.K.) that offers protection from mainge on a regular basis.
Most vets make a fortune on skin scrapings (that usually show inconclusive results) which means more money for them.
It's usually only prescribed here when the owner expresses concern that foxes are frequent visitors.

I know that this treatment is available in the U.S.
I've seen Demodex mentioned here before, is that something for mange or mites?

Julie, can you tell me more about Stronghold?

what is it,? a pill,paste? curious as bruno has demodex, is this something that is used for that also? thanks joanne

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