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Average Temperature

What is the average temperature for a pregnant bulldog. She is on day 53 and I have been taking her temp. for the past few days just to keep track of her temp. She is normally at 100.5 and tonight she is at 101.4. Is that high or normal.

You take it every morning and every evening to get a range for t

101.4 is within normal range, especially when you are looking for a temperature drop not a spike...so if you usually get 100.5 but tonight was one night you went as high as 101.4 your average is btwn those 2 numbers, generally closer to the 100.5.... a temperature drop would be a solid 1.5 to 2 degree drop at that time of day so it would be under 99 degrees. However, many dogs will have a lower temp in the morning so you also get a morning average...my dogs tend to be around 99.5 in the morning and 100.5 in evening...and if I am a home person I will also take it at mid day...always within an hour of the same time each day...in a.m. I take it around 7 a.m., at night I take it around 8 p.m....if I can I start to stop by around 12:30 during the day about 7 days before csection due..... if I did progesterone and got good reading on LH peak day within 24 hours or so...then I know our Csection day is not going to be way off scale anyway...and then I don't necessarily get too anal about noon reading unless I am seeing signs of discomfort and prelabor a bit early, then I come home during the day or bring her to work and put her in extra office...I am very lucky in this job that way! I have a terrific boss who is a dog person.

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